We are sales representatives for the WSCAD in Slovenia



We are resaller for the WSCAD software for Slovenia.

We currently deliver WSCAD SUITE 2018 (6.4) in german or english language.

At the purchase, we offer our customers the instalation, training and assistance in dealing with the WSCAD software, while we enclose our current base, the library elements and the templates of document, so the start working with the new program is as quick as possible.
We strongly suggest our customers a Professional version for the single-user or network version.

For more information or for demonstration call: Tel.: +386 1 724 00 41



Well-learned user can by finding the best solutions, use all the features offered by the software package. While it is creating the project, it is focused on the project's content itself, without waste of time.

The aim of WSCAD Professional software package education is to provide:

  • Knowledge for the use of program
  • Methodology of construction the project documentation
  • Learning about the tools for creating and using database
  • Learning about the tools for the creation and use of library elements
  • Use automatic functions
  • Knowing objects and elements and their building blocks and properties.

To assist user while doing the project these functions are availabler:

  • Project manager to review and work with the project,
  • Contactor manager to review and work with the contactors and relays,
  • PLC manager to review and work with the controllers and the input output control panel,
  • Connector manager to review and work with the connectors
  • Cable browser base of the cables to work and an overview of cables and wires used,
  • Terminal browser to view and work with terminal strips
  • Control cabinet manger to assist when drawing the equipment in cabinets and other ...

The education of users is quickly repaid because of the knowledge acquired for the use of these powerful tools, which enables fast and accurate design.

For more information contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: +386 1 724 00 41

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