We are sales representatives for the WSCAD in Slovenia


solution partner2


Since the establishment of company we follow the latest technical solutions in the field of automation. So we decided for a partnership with Siemens in the field of automation - Automation Solution Partner. In cooperation with SIEMENS Automation Group we offer support in the field of automation.

Food industry

In the food industry we focus our work on the manufacture of beverages. Some of the activities we have also in the slaughter industry.

  • The processes in the production of beer in the two largest Slovenian breweries
    • Complete energy control in the Pivovarna Union
    • Parts of the transports in the packaging
    • Alterations of the software on existing parts of bottlers
    • New sets of technological processes in the production of soft drinks
    • lots of technology for the production of syrups as a base for the production of soft drinks
  • Meat-processing industry
    • Procedures for the pasteurization of meat products
    • Procedures for sterilization of cans
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