ELCON d.o.o., Podjetje za avtomatizacijo, razvoj in inženiring ELCON d.o.o., Podjetje za avtomatizacijo, razvoj in inženiring
Predelava obstoječih linij

Reamking of the existing lines

In practice is necessary to carry out many changes of existing production processes. Often happens that the considerable part of the mechanical equipment is in good condition, but control tecnology must be updated. By adding specified number of technological part, replacing certain actuators (eg valves or motors) and replace the control PLC we add necessary functionality to the machine. In some cases instead of drives with a fixed rate of rpm we use frequency inverters, which enable higher energy efficiency of machines and ads higher value to the product.

  • Reconstruction of autoclaves for sterilization of cans
  • Retrofiting CNC grinding machines
  • Processing machinery for the manufacture of foundry sand cores
  • Processing lines for the manufacturing of cement in the Lafarge cement factory in Austria (SIMATIC S5)

Since the establishment of company we follow the latest technical solutions in the field of automation. So we decided for a partnership with Siemens in the field of automation - Automation Solution Partner. In cooperation with SIEMENS Automation Group we offer support in the field of automation.

We are resaller for the WSCAD software for Slovenia.

We currently deliver WSCAD SUITE X 6.5 (2019) in german or english language.
At the purchase, we offer our customers the instalation, training and assistance in dealing with the WSCAD software, while we enclose our current base, the library elements and the templates of document, so the start working with the new program is as quick as possible.
We strongly suggest our customers a Professional version for the single-user or network version.


We have revamped the power and steering of a two-way detachable swing cable lift in Turkey on the Palandoken Mountain.